Sunday, January 03, 2010

slow down to speed up.

years ago, i hiked down the grand canyon with my family. if i didn't hike down, it wouldn't have been as beautiful, fun or amazing. that is, if i'd suddenly just found myself in the bottom of that canyon... sure it would've been cool. but 'cool' like looking at a photo of something pretty. the journey down filled out the photo into a 3D experience, laughing with my family, talking to God in my head, noticing the flowers breaking rocks to be there. and make no mistake, hiking, yes, even downhill, gets tiring. at some points i wanted to curl into a ball and roll down, my legs were so spent. did i mention we all had camping packs on our backs? stuffed with everything we'd need to camp out in the bottom of the canyon for a few days?? it was for this reason alone i didn't try the whole curling into a ball. der! that would never work with a pack on my back! anyway, we finally made it to the bottom and every single step i'd taken was reflected back at me in the beauty of a bajillion stars blanketing the night sky.

and then we had to walk back up.

now. it occurs to me that, in terms of reflecting on this experience as allegory, i could've chosen to *FLY* out of that canyon. slow down. speed up. balance in all things.

i am,

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